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References External links Category:Musical groups established in 2002 Category:Reggae fusion groups Category:2002 establishments in Jamaica Category:Jamaican reggae musical groupsMass Effect 2 Review: Humanity's Last Stand Taking the best of the first and the most hotly anticipated game in the Mass Effect trilogy, BioWare has outdone itself with its latest edition to the franchise. With a truly fantastic combat system, new dialogue choices, and loads of wonderful characters, Mass Effect 2 is the best game in the series. It may be impossible to resist playing every character in this game, but its greatest strength is its cast of important, charismatic, and well written characters. The series is no stranger to its trademark story-driven gaming, but the new characters who populate this part of the game create a strong core with exciting, dynamic stories. The game opens up with a spectacular confrontation with the Illusive Man, which fills the level with great battles and has a surprising outcome, but is not the only moment that you will be battling the Illusive Man. This character, along with several other prominent characters, is there to introduce you to the game’s mechanics. The side missions and other content in Mass Effect 2 are all spread out across the galaxy and are very accessible, but only when you have a full party and are interested in the character’s involvement. These add a lot of satisfaction to the game and help to make it stand out from its competitors. The cast of Mass Effect 2 is a well balanced mix of strong characters from the original Mass Effect and a diverse new set of characters. Although some of the new characters are forgettable, others are fantastic additions to the game. These include Blake, a member of the Illusive Man’s Ghost Division, Samara, Shepard’s friend and the Bioware representative, and Serhat, a member of the Engineer’s Guild. These characters all have their own strengths, especially the strong bonds that Samara and Shepard establish with each other. Of course, the relationships with Shepard and his other party members are explored as well. The group dynamic with Shepard is a major part of the game, but BioWare has also added several characters to the game who you can recruit. Once you’ve started a new game with a full party, you are able to ac619d1d87

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